Volunteer for Geography for Tomorrow

Why volunteer with Geography for Tomorrow?

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you interested in spreading geo-literacy and enlightening youth about our world, creating groundbreaking curriculum for activity-based teaching, or developing educational apps to empower global communities? Volunteer with Geography for Tomorrow! Volunteers play an instrumental role in implementing GFT's mission of spreading geo-literacy to underserved youth, and there are several opportunities that you can get involved in.

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Empower youth to become successful, globally-minded citizens

Serve in the classroom. Conduct activities with students. Engage with volunteers and youth alike. GFT has after-school and weekend volunteer opportunities on every day of the week. In each session, we implement our developed curriculum: we hold discussions, conduct activities, and play videos for our students. No prior geographic knowledge is needed; you will be amazed at how much you learn! Check out the programs we offer and our locations.


Engage in Leadership and Networking

Cultivate leadership experience, leading your own GFT session and managing your own volunteer group. Network with our team of 90 educators and volunteers worldwide. GFT makes it easy for you to begin a new chapter at a school/library near you and take the initiative to organize sessions, plan the curriculum, gather students, and lead classes. In addition, work with our partners at the California Geographic Alliance, Google Maps, National Geographic, and others to organize activities and enhance the learning experience for GFT students.

Develop your own GFT program curricula

Do you have an idea for a new program to implement? Devise the program's overall goals, identify topics to focus on, and implement discussions, activities, and other interactive elements into each session's lesson plan. Learn how to create professional curricula, with a chance to get the curriculum certified by National Geographic and the California Geographic Alliance. For example, Tharun Shiju translated his passion for space sciences into a highly successful 5-week certificate program that GFT implements all over its various sites.


Join our Application Development Team

Interested in web and mobile application development? At GFT, we create educational apps in order to teach youth about current events, the features of our world, and more in an interactive fashion. GFT is equipped with the tools to create robust applications that are useful as teaching platforms in the classroom. Join our team, and help us create apps like NewsView to make youth aware about what's going on in the world.