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From Arvind Sridhar, Founder, President, and Chief Geographer

Our mission is simple: to provide equal educational opportunities for and spread geo-literacy to underserved, minority youth and their communities. As the world grows more globalized and issues such as climate change, international conflicts, and resource shortages become pervasive, future generations simply have to be well-versed in the geography of our world and its impacts. Thus, we aim to prepare underserved youth for successful futures through our programs, outreach with schools, and collaboration with key figures and organizations. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and since our inception in December 2013, we have spread geo-literacy to over 250 youth accross 3 U.S. states (CA, TX, OH) and 3 countries (Ecuador, New Zealand, and the U.S.), with a base in San Jose, CA. More


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We have posted segments of our Geography, Space, and GeoCoding programs, all certified by the CA Geo Alliance. Learn for free today!

Tully Space Geography

Discover the Secrets of our Universe


March 25-April 22 2017, Tully Branch Library, San Jose, CA

Target Audience

All elementary and middle school-aged youth


This program will teach students about our solar system, stars, and the fundamental building blocks of the matter in our universe.


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